The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Last night I didn't have to sleep in the other Dad's room (after thinking about it, he's not just the other guy; he takes care of me like the Dad, so he has to be the OTHER Dad...) I got to stay out like the Big Kitty and sleep anywhere I wanted!

The Big Kitty wasn't happy about it, but I wanted to sleep on top of the Mom's head. I've never slept there, and it seemed like a nice place. Maybe he was upset because he sleeps there? She has a nice comfy head, in any case.

I heard her say to the Dad that I was really good last night, so I get to sleep anywhere I want again tonight, and if I keep being good I don't ever have to stay all night in the Other Dad's room, not unless I want to.

I think I want to sometimes, but I like being able to decide for myself.


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