The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Last night when things were going =BOOM= in the sky, I got a little scared so I went and got the Big Kitty. He wasn't scared, he was just licking himself, right there on the big chair in the living room, so I meowed at him and said I was scared. He got off the chair and walked with me to the bedroom and I got under the bed, and he laid down on the floor next to the bed where I could see him.

After the booms stopped the Mom gave us treats and said we were very good, and Max got a hug that he didn't like, but she was happy he helped me so he got one anyway.

Then today she took Max to see the guy who gives pricks, and she left him there for a couple of hours. She says he needed a blood test, but because he's feeling better and is all snarky again, he tried to bite everyone there, so they had to give him something to make him sleepy. When he came home he was all wobbly, and had to take a nap all afternoon in the bedroom.

I'm being a good boy and leaving him alone tonight because he still looks wobbly. Maybe he'll play with me tomorrow. Or even late tonight if he feels better. The other night we played wrestling right on top of the Mom while she tried to sleep!


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