The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Looky! I went exploring in the food thingy. I got on top the the refrigedator and then got onto the top shelf where old cereal and Pop Tarts go to die. I figured it was ok since all that stuff has been there since we moved in, I think.

Buddah goes exploring...

The Mom and the Dad wanted me to get out but I didn't see any reason to because it's not like there was anything to get into up there, just stale food that not even a mousie would want, but the Mom dragged out a chair to get me anyway.

He refused to get out

She got me out but that doesn't mean I won't get back up there again. 'Cause now I know I can get in it, and if I'm all stealthy maybe they won't notice.

Licking his lips


That looks like a really cool place to get into, Buddah. There are cabinets like that here, but I don't like to get up too high.

One of these days I will learn to sign my comments. That was from me, Herman.

Did you find anything tasty for kittehs up there Buddah?

I don't understand the moms most of the time. Why did you have to get down anyway? You were not doing anything wrong or getting into things. Or were you. I noticed that you were licking your face as she was getting you down so I am thinking maybe you got into some of those boxes of stuff. Way to go!

Did you open the door or did they leave it open as an invitation to you?

Buddah, there is all that room on top of the cupboard thingy too.

Way to go, Buddah. You like to find new places. Have you been back up there yet?

Just when you find a cool new place they declare it off limits!

I agree with you--why did you have to get out?

pop tarts die in your house? That's dust elebenty kinds of rong if you asks me! But I lub your hidey spot. I don't go on the cubbords yet but anjul does! she lubs it!


Pop tarts dies here now on account of the Mom and the Dad are trying to make their fat go away. Those have been up there since MAY. The cereal is dead, too...

You are so lucky Buddha! That is a wonderful thing your people did for you.

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