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King of the run-on sentence...

Looky! Max and I gotted a Secret Paws package in the mail today from Gracie!

After the Mom opened the package, we both tried to stick our heads into the envelope but that didn't work out so good, and the Dad took pictures of our butts.
Let us see!

We kinda took turns and I got to open this one.

Me too!

Hehehehe lookit Max, he was rubbing his head on this one!

Can I see what's in there?

I really liked this bear--it has catnip in it!


And, well, when something has catnip in it, this happens:


Thank you, Gracie! I love all our presents and everyone was laughing on account of Max got some whiffs of the catnip and started playing, and that hardly ever happens!

What we got

See, this is how nice Gracie was to us! And she's really cute, too!


That is very cool Buddah! Christmas came early to your house.

You got some great stuff!
Did you bite it's head off yet?

That's a great Secret Paws package from Gracie. Is there much left of the bear?

Those are some great presents you got from Gracie.

awesome Buddah! Gracie is very nice to send you such cool stuff. sounds like you have a bit of crush on her. have you told her??

enjoy the nip bear. i'm with you. anything with nip needs to be chomped on.

Buddah, wishing you and Max a Merry Christmas, lots of treats, and lots of toys!


Merry Christmas to you too Buddah!

Merry Christmas, Buddah!!

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Your Secret Paws presents look like lots of fun Buddah!

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