The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

When the nice lady from the cat food place that has really really good crunchy food, I think it's called Nutro, sent us some to try she also sent us a kitty, and Max does not like that new kitty so I thought about it and decided I should be a good little brother and do something about it.

kill da kitty

I bited its head and bunny kicked it and told it if it doesn't leave Max alone I will EAT it, and then it didn't say anything so I'm pretty sure it's scared of me now.


You are a very good little brother!

Buddah, you are a very good, helpful little brother!

Buddah you & Max got some really good stuff! That little nip bear looks like something we might need to look into getting...

Buddah, I'm getting a little concerned that that white pillow is like in every freakin' picture of you. You aren't, like, dragging it around with you or anything, are you?

Um, it might say "Mary" up there ^^, but it's really me, Spitty.

Cool Secret Paws presents you got there, Buddah!!

Wow ... that looks like fun !!!

I am so glad that you liked all of the presents that I picked out for your package. I got all of my favorite things. You two are so good about sharing but I sent plenty so if you didn't want to share there was plenty to go around.
Wishing you and your family the best with the holidays season.

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