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King of the run-on sentence...

The fire thingy wasn't on but it was nice and warm in front of it anyway so Max and I curled up and had a nice nap this evening, on account of we were sleepy because we got to eat come chicken from that nice guy Denny that the People go see a lot.

No fire...

Denny is a really good cook and he should probably be famous or something because I like much chicken and I don't like much people food at all, so if I eat it it must be really really really good.

Max says the People really need to do something about that stupid white cord thingy that goes from the wall into the TV because they took it down when the Mom was painting and they still haven't put it back where it belongs because they're lazy and stuff and it's been WEEKS, so it's time for them to do it already, and usually I think Max is kinda mean but this time I think he's kinda right.


Glad to see you are feeling better Buddah.

That is a great picture of you and Max sleeping close together.

Denny's chicken must be really delicious if you like it, Buddah. It's nice to see you and Max sleeping near each other. Maybe if the two of you start playing with that white cord the People will put it where it belongs.

You really like that cushion don't you Buddah?

You two look so comfy and relaxed there together. :)

that looks really comfy

Yeah--I hear you about the laziness. Mine is too. I can't believe how lazy humans can be!

Our dad never puts his stuff away after a project. Leaves tools & crap all over the place.
Looks like you guys are having a great nap!

Buddah, I'm glad to see that you let Max have his bed back.

If you got chickhen you must be feeling better. Yes, hide the cord, tacky, tacky, tacky.

Dood, chicken and a pillow to nap on! Yoo are soooo lucky.

Looks like you got into SOMETHING in that last pic!

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Excellent work, Buddah!!! Mohawk (he came Before us and is at The Bridge now) would have been So Proud of you!

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