The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh, you know what? the Mom and the Dad went away for a night and the Other Dad came over and he brought his woofy, which didn't make me or Max very happy, so we stayed in the back of the house and he stayed in the front of the house, which was okay because before they left the Mom brought our food and water fountain to the back of the house and put the gate up so that the woofy couldn't get to the back of the house, which meant he couldn't eat our food AND we were safe from getting accidentally eaten, and then at night the Other Dad took his woofy into a bedroom with him and shut the door, so we were still safe and if we wanted we could go to the front of the house, which Max didn't want to do because he thinks woofies are sneaky and didn't want to risk it, but I did, and then because I was so very brave while they were gone the Mom and the Dad went out and got me a brand new bed!

Buddah's new bed

I had a bed but I didn't like it and sometimes I got into Max's bed but he didn't like that, so I used a pillow and I thought it was very comfy, but I kept rolling off of it, but now I have a really big pillow and it's right in front of the fire!

Buddah on his new bed

I think I look very good on it.


Your black furs look very nice on the red pillow!

You were a very brave kitty and that bed is just right for you! You also look great on it!
Glad the woofy kept to his side of the gate and no one got eaten.

Whew, glad yoo were not eaten by da woofie. Yoor new bed is really nice, looks comfy and yoor furs go good against da nice red.

Red is definitely your color! I wonder if Minnie would like a big pillow like that....

You look beautiful on your new bed. The bed will look even better when you shed black fur on it.

That is an excellent bed and you do look good on it!

Buudah, You look freakin' fantastic on your new bed! I don't think you should ever move off it!

We're glad to hear you survived the woofie and the mom and dad being gone, and didn't get eated (or starve). And you look marvelous on your new bed!

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

You were very brave, Buddah, and I am glad that you got rewarded with a new bed. You look very spiffy on it and it's bigger than Max's bed, so I hope he doesn't get jealous. I am really glad that you didn't get eaten or starve.

I think you look very good on your new bed too Buddah. Red suits us black kitties very well.

That red pillow bed really accents your beautiful black furs! What a brave kitty you are!

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

Buddah, that is just the neatest bed!

Wow, you have had lots to put up with...but a nice pillow and the fire sorta make up for it. Yes, black and red look super together!

Wow, you went out of your hiding spot while the woofie was still in your house?!? Holy crap. I think I'd be in the back of a closet until it left.
Of course that great pillow might make it tempting to come out...
Happy Birthday Buddah!!
We hope it is a great one with lotsa toys, extra treats and chin scritches

Buddah - DUDE - Is it yur purrthday? Cuz the CB said it's Buddah's purrthday but hads a link to anofur kitty's gotcha day. You can't hide frum purrthdays THAT easily!
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdie Deer Buddah,
Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!
... an many mooooooore!

we are glad you wasn't et by the wild woofy! you looks furry handsome an' mancatly on that red pillow!

I'm late, but Happy Birthday, Buddah! I hope you had a great day.

Get out of that basket and let us know what you're up to!

Happy Belated Birthday To YOU !!!
( and I like the look of your blog )

I yallered happy b day , but I do not have a blog
c ause my mom is lazzzy .
Happy day to you dear one. Better luck in your next life.
Love you
Emmie the nine life kitty

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