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I have been very very quiet lately because I am very very upset because you know what? The Mom and the Dad and Max...they forgot my birthday. It was a very very important birthday, too, because I am five years old now, and that's a major major kitty birthday, it's like turning 16 or 21 for a person, but no one remembered, except some of my friends, but because Max and the Mom hog the computer I didn't even see their happy birthday wishes until today. And you know what else? One of the Mom's friends sent these fum toys with little jingle balls on a string on them, and she never even realized that was a birthday present, she thought it was just because. Max says to get over it because they've forgotten his birthday before, too, and we get pretty much everything we want all the time anyway, but that doesn't mean my feelings aren't hurt because I didn't get to hear "Happy Birthday" even once on my actual birthday, and that sucks.


Happy Belated Birthday Buddah! I hope you get double presents and treats because it's being celebrated a little late. Better late than never sweet guy :-)

Awww..... happy birthday to you, Buddah! ::nosetaps::

Happy birthday Buddah, Iz sorry efurryone furgotted espeshully such an impawtant birthday *hugs*

Happy (belated) Birthday, Buddah!

Buddah, WE are sorry we forgot your birthday. We are sending huggs and head bumps and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Make her give yoo extra treats! Fur a week! Really, guilt works wonders on humans.

Buddah, Belated Birthday Wishes! We think that you should throw a house trashing birthday party.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

If you play it right, you should be able to turn this into a pile of goodies the size of Max. Happy Birthday Past!

Charity & the MO Maowsers

oops, last message should have been from charsicat, not GM...

Damn Blogger! It 'ate' my last message to you when I signed in.

Anyway Buddah, may I wish you a "Happy Belated Birthday"? Five years old, now. It seems like time flies by doesn't it? I remember Max commenting on his blog about your arrival. It seems like it was just yesterday.

I agree with the others: you should get extra attention, food, and treats to make up for having your birthday forgotten. Do not be too upset with the Mom; she is only a human after all. And, you know how us humans are! :-)

Maybe now, the woman will get you your own computer to blog on. Especially since she and Max seem to be on hers all the time. That way your friends wouldn't miss you so much.


I am really sorry that your birthday got forgotten, Buddah. You should be able to guilt your People into some extra treats and attention.

Happy Happy Birthday Buddah!!
An entire week set aside for you and only you should be arranged with treats, presents every day and real live fresh dead stuff too!

Dood, I tried. I reely did. I wasn't shure of the date, but knowed it was about da same as mine. Bein 5 is cool! We's old enuf to noes better, an young enuf to go ahead anyway. I's sendin sum virt-you-all chick-hen an shrimp treats to sellibrate.

Happy belated purrthday Buddah.

Happy Birthday, Buddah. You know, birthdays last a week, so your Mom and Dad can still throw you a party or at least give you lots of treats.

If you play your cards right Buddah, you can parlay this into a month long guilt-fest that could yield some primo treats and toys (from the People anyway--I don't really think Max knows what guilt is).

The secret is to walk around quietly, sigh heavily once in awhile, stare sadly into space. No direct expressions of displeasure. I guarantee some kind of major treat or gift within 72 hours.

Happy belated birthday, Buddah!!!

Maybe they were just giving you a few extra days to be a year younger? We also wish you a belated Happurry Purrthday!

Maximus Spittimus would not only like to wish Buddah a belated birthday but also advise him he is very brave to go near a mad Two Legs on wheels!

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