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We got this nifty food thingy that has lots of our favorite crunchy food in it and it's like the food never goes away, but Max won't let me have any of it, and the Mom and the Dad put it there because they're going to go play in the snow sometime next week and they're going to stay there all night and got this so we would have food while they were gone but since Max won't let me have any I'm going to starve to death, I just know it.


AT some point Max will fill up and stop eating and then you can have the rest.

I'll bet Max wont eat it all. He is just teasing you!

Max has to sleep some time Buddah. Just saying.

We think he's trying to tell you he is still Alpha Cat.

Oh won't starve to death. Even Max can't eat everything! (Or maybe you can talk the mom and dad into buying another one!)

Purrs and hugs,
The Kitty Krew

Buddah, I second Huffle Mawson's idea -- get yours when Max is asleep.

Buddah, come over to my house! We can play Patty Duke and freak my sisters out!

The others are right, Buddah. Max has to sleep sometime, then the food thingy is all yours. I don't think that even Max could eat all of that food.

I like your new bed !!!

Yeah, black kittie on red pillow. Nice!

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Maximus Spittimus has no idea what a woofy is yet. He's young. He'll learn...I hope...;-)

Four Dinners
Aide de Camp

Lucky Buddah! That sure looks like a nice cozy giant pillow and in front of a fire too. Shear heaven!

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