The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Look! Look look look look look!

Buddah vs the skates

Those things ate the Mom's feet! I chased them around for a little bit but then they turned around and started chasing me and I didn't want to get eaten too so I jumped somewhere high so they couldn't get to me, and I felt bad for the Mom but I figured her feet were long gone by then so there was nothing I could do.

roller blades 1

See, I got up where it's safe and watched as those things made her roll around and around and around and into the bookcases because they wouldn't stop and I think they rolled her right to the end of the hall and she probably smacked into the wall down there and then they turned her around and did it all over again and again and again. I kept waiting for them to eat her legs but they never did, instead she finally had enough and saved herself by sitting down and pushing on this thingy at the top and she made them throw her feet right back up.


Wowza, we woulda run the other way too...outta my way!

I'd have gotten out of the way. I guess it's good that the wood floor is only upstairs right now...

Buddah, your mom's a lot braver than I am, tackling those monsters!

Wow, Buddah! You were really lucky they didn't get you too!

You were smart to get up high so they could not get you!

You were very smart to get up high where those things couldn't get you, Buddah. I am glad that your Mom made them throw up her feet again. I'm jealous. I never got to roller skate in the house.

We are very glad those things finally puked up your mom's feets.

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