The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Looky! Looky! Hell froze over! We have proof!

Holy crap, they're butt to butt...

Our butts are almost touching!


Max does not look happy...

Buddah if you wriggle over just a little bit more... your butts WILL be touching!

Almost touching! No wonder I am cold!

Wowee! That is amazing, even if Max does look a little disgruntled.

uh oh, no good can come from this.

All you need is Butters to make it a trio!

Almost isn't good enough when it comes to buggin' a brudder. Hey, did your mom make the picture wider? you look so long and sleek and Max looks kinda wide. Like a funny mirror.

holy moly! i feel like i should buy a lottery ticket. or, should hold onto something heavy cause the gravetational pull on the planet will end...

you look very happy Buddah. good for you. perhaps if you do a little brown nosing he'll let you do it again?

Hey I am going around today and meeting new kitties to visit. I like your place and think your wallpaper on the blog is so nice.
I don't understand the mom for wanting to throw away that purrrfectly pillow. Glad that you got to claim it for yourself. Get lots of rest on it.

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