The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Looky! The Mom made the fire thingy go!

buddah by the fire

I sat in front of it for a long time, until I was all toasty and warm and had to go find something to play with, and that was fun because the Mom gave me a twist tie that she made into a loop so that I wouldn't accidentally swallow it and I batted that around for a long long time, an look, we have a new rug and it's lots of fun to roll around on because it's softer than the floor.


Yay for the fire thingy. It's just the thing for toasty kitties. The new rug does look like fun.

Buddah, you look very happy in the photo! We are glad that your people thought of you and Max by giving you the fire thingy and the comfy rug.

Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

That fire thingy looks awesome - especially since our heat died last night!

And the rug is beautiful.

You look very cozy in front of the fire thingy!

Perfect nap spot!

I would very much like to sit next to your fire thingy Buddah.

Hell will only freeze over if your butts actually touch!

Sadie wants to skweez in between, if dat's okay wif yoo...

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