The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

This morning I sat at the bottom of the stairs and called out because the Mom was upstairs, and I said "I can't find a mousie to play with. Will you come find one for me?" I had to say it three or four times before she leaned over the stair rail thingy and said, "I can't come play right now, sweetie, I'm busy," so I cocked my head and thinked for a second and said "I just want a mousie. PLEASE?" and she said "Can't you play by yourself?" so I went up the stairs halfway and said "I can play by myself but I need a mousie!" so she started to come down the stairs. I ran for the kitchen because that's the last place I saw a mousie and she followed me and said "Oh! Do you want a treat?" and because I'm not stupid I said "Yes, please." So me and Max got a treat! And then the Mom said "I'm going back upstairs" and I was about to be all sad because I still didn't know where one of my mousies was, but she turned the corner and I heard her rattle one and she said "Here, can you play with this for a while by yourself?" and I said "yes!" and she threw it for me and I chased it. Max says sometimes People have to think an idea is all their own before they do it and it doesn't matter because not only did I finally get a mousie to play with, I got treats for both of us.


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