The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


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Another roll of paper towels got a toothy death! They were on the counter and I carried them into the living room and I killed them! The Dad took my picture with my kill, and the mom said "ohhhhh you're anaughty boy, Buddah" but she didn't get mad or anything. Max says if they don't want me to kill things they should put them where I can't get to them.

There's a box of cheesy crackers on the counter and I think I want to try to kill that next. That will taste better than the paper towels. I like cheesy crackers a lot, and last night I tried to stick my head in the box but the Mom said, "No, Buddah, that's not cat food" but I said, "anything is cat food if I eat it" and she said I was cute so she broke a cracker in half and let me lick the cheese off and then nibble it a little.

I can't wait until the Mom and the Dad are both upstairs so I can hunt!


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