The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh! This morning I was really really really hungry and when the Mom fed us I scarfed my food down so fast that Max wasn't even halfway done with his. And Max likes his food so that says how hungry I was. The Mom was watching and she said, "You're a hungry boy today," and I looked at her and said "yes I am!" so she said I must need more to eat, and she got out some crunchy food and gave me a whole handful!

Max looked up from his Stinky Goodness so she put just a couple of crunchies on his plate and that made him happy. He wasn't really really really hungry like I was but he thinks it's only fair if he gets a little crunchy if I do. And I was still so hungry that I ate the crunchy food really fast, and was done before Max was!

I was still hungry but the Mom said "Let that sit in your stomach a little bit and if you're still hungry in an hour, I'll sneak you a treat." So I waited and waited and you know what? I wasn't hungry later. I still hope she sneaks me a treat, though. When Max is sleeping this afternoon if I ask her really nice she'll get me something to eat. She'd give Max a treat, too, but she says he really doesn't need it and if he gets one early in the day then he can't have a bite of their dinner and he really likes to get a tiny bite of dinner if they have something good, like last night they had chicken and it was really good and he was a good boy while they ate so he got a bite. I got a bite too but I wasn't good boy. I was just asleep when they ate.


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