The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ok. I don't mind wrestling with Max when I know it's coming but I don't like him being all stealthy and knocking me down the stairs when I'm trying to lick my fun parts. He did it again and I asked what he thought he was doing and he said "I'm being all in Timmy Datin'." Well, he doesn't need to be Timmy because there's already a perfectly good Timmy, and whoever Timmy is datin' is none of Max's business and it would be very rude for him to pretend to be Timmy just to be datin' Timmy's girlfriend. That's a LAW. A nice kitty does not try to date another kitty's girlfriend, and that means you don't rub foreheads together, you don't watch birdies out the window together, and you really don't sniff each others' butts, because that would be rude and not fair to the kitty who was doing all the datin'. So Max needs to stop trying to be Timmy Datin' and find his own girlfriend, and stop knocking me down the stairs when I'm paying attention to my fun bits.


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