The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Hahahahahaha LOOKY!

Max had to go to the stabby place today and before they went he gotted a pill to make him not so growly but it didn't work very well so the bald guy stabbed him with something else to make him really loopy and it worked real good! Max could hardly walk when he came home and his eyes were all funny and I think he kind of liked it. That was a million hours ago and he's still pretty loopy. I been leaving him alone because the Mom and the Dad said I had to, but I'm having lots of fun just watching him. I bet he's hungry, though, because at dinner time he was locked in a room with the Dad and I ate all by myself and all he's had since he got home was a little chicken water the Mom gave him because he hid somewhere and they couldn't find him so she opened a can to make him unhide and then said it wouldn't be fair to not let him have any, so she gave him the water and a few tiny bites of chicken but not too many so he wouldn't barf. I hope he gets to eat soon.


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