The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ohhh...yesterday, I wanted a mousie to play with but I couldn't find one so I called upstairs and asked very nicely for someone to come find one for me but no one ever came, so I gave up and was all sad and didn't have anything to do. I thought maybe no one was home but when Max came down he said there were people upstairs, they just didn't come down so I thought maybe no one wanted me to play with a mousie.

But in a little bit the Other Dad came down and he did some stuff and I wasn't really looking, but when I did look he was standing halfway up the stairs with his hands together, and he shook them a little bit, and when he opened them mousies rained from the cieling! I think there were 152 of them even though Max says there was only about 12, but there were mousies in every color I ever saw, and some of my favorite mousies were there.

It was really loud when they hit the floor and that kind of scared me a tiny bit so I ran into another room but I cam right back and started to play with the mousies.

You know what? I think the Other Dad knows magic! He can make it rain mousies! Max says that's all well and good, but he'll be impressed when the Other Dad can make it rain crunchy treats and Stinky Goodness.


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