The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Looky. I tried to wrap myself up so I could give myself to the Mom and the Dad as a present. I was even gonna give them my favorite toy! But I couldn't get the paper to stick in one place and then I was afraid I'd never get to play with my favorite toy again. Max said I needed tape, but I'm not allowed to play with the tape. And then he said to spit on the paper and it would stick, but I couldn't get enough spit to come out. I asked him to spit on the paper for me, but then the Mom and the Dad were sitting down at the table to have dinner, and we really needed to go see what they were eating and if we could have some. They were eating pork chops and I wanted to try it but Max said those taste like butt, and I wanted to know who's butt, but he said it didn't matter, a butt's a butt and they all taste nasty. So we didn't get any of their dinner and I didn't get myself all wrapped up, but I did get to play with my toy!


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