The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Ok, so the Mom says it's a new year. I wanted to know what that was and I asked, but all she did was reach down and pet my head, and I liked that, but it didn't help any. So later on when she was in bed I asked Max, and Max said "It's just a way that People measure time."

I didn't get it so he also said, "It's like today is a birthday. And next year this day will be another birthday. So a year has gone by. It's a new year."

So then I asked "Does that mean I'm a year old now?" and Max said "No, it's just a People thing. You turn a year old on your birthday and I think that's in about 3 months."

Then the Mom said "Will you two please be quiet?" because we were in the room and right next to the bed.

I asked Max how long 3 months is and he said it's a little longer than how much time it was from when we moved into here until Santa came. And when I asked how many sleeps that was, he didn't know! He said that's probably higher than any kitty can count! Maybe two bajrillion!

Then the Mom said, "Seriously. Be quiet before I lock both of you out of here."

Then Max said, "She's too lazy to get out of bed to do it."

Then I asked what happens on my birthday and you know what Max said? There will be presents! Just like from Santa, only from the Mom and the Dad! Then he said, "Go play with the window. If she's going to be mad, she might as well have something to be mad about."

So I did!

Then I ran before she could get out of bed because I don't think she was very happy.


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