The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Tonight Max was sleepin' so when it was time for dinner *I* got to go tell the Mom! She was surprised and said, "You're learning to tell time, Little Man!" and then she started to get our food. She also told me to go get Max, but I didn't. I sitted on the floor and waited because Max says If You Snooze You Lose, and if he was snoozing he was losing! But he heard her and waked up and came out to eat anyway. Later he got mad because the Mom let me lick her yogurt cup but she shook her head and said "You don't like yogurt, Max. I'd give you some if you did." When she left the room he called her a bad word and said liking it wasn't the point. I asked Max what the point was and he said it's that place on the top of my head. I keep trying to look for it, but I can't see it!


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