The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I got kind of scared this morning. The Mom put Max into this big plastic thingy and took him outside, and the Dad was asleep (Max says he stays out all night farting, that's why he sleeps during the day), so I was all alone and I wanted to know where Max was going and I was afraid he wasn't coming back. So I waited by the door for a long, long time. Just when I was sure Max was never coming back, the Mom opened the door and there he was! She took him to the bathroom because he had to get a bath with a wet washcloth, but then he came out and said his life sucks. He also said he pooped on the mom!

Later on I was sleeping on the bed and the Mom shut the door. I heard her open a can of food, but I couldn't get out to get to it! I howled as loud as I could but she still didn't hear me. Max said he got to have a snack because when he was outside someone stabbed him. I wanted a snack too but I didn't want to get stabbed.

The Mom said she was sorry but Max had to have a special snack to help his head and tummy not feel bad and I can't have any of that because I'm not sick, so she let me lick her yogurt to make me feel better. Max hates yogurt, so when she has it I get to lick the spoon all I want when she's done!

I'm not scared now, so I think I'll go take a nap on the Mom's fuzzy blanket. Well, Max says it's his blanket and he just lets the Mom use it. But I get to use it too!


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