The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh, I had a scaredy thing happen to me today. I was playing, and I ran through the tunnel toy, and it got caught on my head, and that scared me, so I ran even faster into the room where the Dad was, and I didn't know what to do so I jumped on the bed and that made it hurt more, so I jumped to the other side and it hurt more again, but then it fell off. I was really scared so I hid in this tiny place between the wall and the back of the bed, and the Dad couldn't find me, and he was afraid I was really hurt, so the Mom came to look, too, and they decided I was in that place behind the bed, so that had to pull it apart to get me! Then the Mom took me and holded me, and she took me and Max to the other bedroom so she could look to see if I was hurt on the outside, and the Other Dad helped the Dad put the bed back together. Then the Dad took the tunnel toy and cut off the thingy that my head got caught on. I didn't want the Mom to put me down until I saw the Dad put the tunnel toy back on the floor so I could play in it again without getting hurted. And Max sniffed at me to see if I was ok! He said he was looking to see if I was dead so he could have my snack tonight, but I know he got scared too when the Mom and the Dad had to hep me get out from behind the bed.


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