The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh! Guys guys guys! Max really DID remember my birthday and he got me a present. Two presents!

Max's 4th birthday present to Buddah

He got me TWO mousies!

He picked a favorite right off

My favorite is the brown one. I played with it ALOT.
But you see the door behind me?

His biggest gift

It's for me!
It's a special see-through door that can survive my Claws of Doom!
Plus, it means bad people have to stay out.

Dood, that's a heck of a present

But it also keeps kitties IN.

There was HAM! for dinner but I don't like people food much, so I let Max have mine because he likes it A LOT and the Mom gave me a WHOLE BUNCH of crunchy treats! And I got the BEST PLACE to nap on the big bed ALL DAY LONG!

I had a very, very good birthday.

Being 4 ROCKS!


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