The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I've been very very busy playing with my new mousies and playing Thundering Herd of Elephants (mostly by myself because Max likes to sleep a lot) and making the Mom pick me up and give me cuddles. I do that because she thinks it's cute when I want to be picked up and I put my head on her shoulder and get kisses and sooner or later she's going to think it's so cute that she'll give me crunchy treats. But a lot of what I do is try to get her to open the door so I can look through the see through door.

Dood, that's a heck of a present

The Mom says it's called a "security door" and it's not like a regular screen door because it's got a heavy mesh thingy instead of screen and the frame is metal and it has those metal bars and it takes a lot to get it open if it's locked. She also says that we didn't need the security so much as they needed to keep my Claws of Doom from destroying a screen door because they're pretty sure that eventually I'll try to climb it or there will be an outside kitty that makes me want to rip my way to freedom so I can visit. But you see that window by the door? The Mom keeps the shade thingy open a little so we can see out it when the door is closed, and there are like THREE outside kitties that keep coming up and looking in! I get very excited and the Mom thinks it's really funny because the outside cats just sit there and look inside. I hope they don't actually want to come inside because I don't know what I'd do, except maybe pee on the floor a little.


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