The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

We fixed the Mom! She felt really really bad and was trying to get her toenails to come up through her stomach and out her mouth so we took turns sitting on her and a little while ago I was sitting on her and Max came up and hit me in the head with his mighty paw and she said "You know what, guys, I feel much better now" so it worked! I'm glad it worked because I saw what she was doing to get her toenails to do that and it didn't look like any kind of fun, and it didn't even work! Her toenails are still on her toes! I don't know why she wanted to try that but Max says not to think about it to hard because it's a people thing and we'll never understand why they sometimes try to puke their toenails up. I still might purr on top of her tonight while she's asleep, just in case.


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