The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh you know what? Today the Mom an the Dad stuck me inside a not very nice box and then took me outside, which would have been a lot more fun if I had a stroller like Skeezix, and then they put me and Max inside the box with the rolling wheels and they took us to the stabby place! I don't know why Max didn't warn me that was going to happen but a little before we went there the Mom shoved something in his mouth and said "OK, go to your happy place" and you know what he did? He got inside his plastic tomb without anyone making him and he was all sleepy and said "Doooooood...Ohhhhhhh...niiiiiiice" and the next thing I know we're going for a ride. We didn't get to see the bald guy even though Max said that's the stabby person that always shoves things up his butt, but we got to see a very nice lady who said I was a pretty boy and she loved my long tail and my pretty green eyes and I was thinking this was a nice place to go, but then she stabbed me. That was a disappointment, finding out she was a stabby person, too. After she was done stabbing me she said I was a very good boy, and I think I was because I didn't bite anyone even though I could have, and she told the Mom and the Dad that she wanted to leave Max in his tomb because she was going to need help with him and when the other lady picked up Max's tomb he said "Dooooood....I'm gonna pooooooop!" and he did! He pooped so they had to clean it up and then the lady stabbed him THREE times and looked in his ears and stuff the same way she did me, but the good thing all around was nothing got shoved up anyone's butt today. And she said I'm a very big boy, fifteen whole pounds, but I'm not fat and Max is 16 pounds but he is really fat and I thought that was funny but he must have been insulted because he peed in his tomb and I don't think he thought that one through because they didn't take him out of the tomb after he did that so he had to sit in his own pee until we got back into the box with the rolling wheels when the Mom put a towel in there so he wouldn't have to sit in pee. It wasn't all that bad but I'm glad we don't have to go back for a whole year. Well, Max might if his zits don't clear up, but I'm good for the year!


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