The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

When we moved into the last new house the Mom and the Dad gotted us this toy.

I really like this toy. It's fun to jump on and swing the balls and make the stick thingies go sproiiiiing! and I like to scratch it.

Last night I wanted to play with it but I couldn't find it anywhere! It wasn't in the big room with the big floppy comfy chair like it usually is so I looked in the room with the TV and then the kitchen and I even peeked in the Other Dad's room, because he might have wnated to play with it, and that's ok because I don't mind sharing my toys, but it wasn't there either.

It wasn't in any room so I asked Max, I said "Do you know where my sproingy toy is because I think I losted it" and he sighed really hard because he was licking himself and had to stop to answer me and he doesn't like to stop when he's doing that and he said "I saw the Man take it outside. The Woman said you pretty much destroyed it, and it needed to be thrown away."

I loved that toy! I was really upset and wanted to cry because no one asked me if I was DONE with the toy and if it was OKAY to throw it away, but Max sighed again and said "Look. Ask Santa to bring you a new one. If you've been good enough, he will." And then I told Max I didn't know how to ask Santa for anything, I just thought he brought whatever he wanted to, and Max said, yeah, mostly, but he's a nice guy and might bring me something I really really want, so I should get on here and maybe Santa will read it.

So...Santa, if you're reading this, I really really really miss my toy already and if I've been good enough, can I have a new one? I think I've been good. I only pulled out a little of Max's fur this week.


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