The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


Santa came and he listened to me and he remembered that I needed a new sproingy toy AND he gotted us this other thing that has holes in it and there are balls in it and I can reach in and roll the balls and if I do it just right I can get them out! And you know what? Max let me play with the new toys first! That was his Christmas present to me, he just et me play and play and play and last night before Santa came we had fish and shrimp Stinky Goodness and Max really loves that and it was from Kimo & Sabi but since Max loves it so much I took a nbble and said he could have the rest and that was my Christmas present to him!

Oh!Oh!Oh! We gotted a fevver toy, too, and the Dad played with me with it and I jumped WAY high in the air. It's like fifteen kinds of fun!

The Mom says there are more pictures at our flickr thingy.

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas!


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