The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh! We gotted another present! The Mom and the Dad went somewhere all day yesterday and when they came back they had a present from the Grandma and it was this thingy that the Mom and the Dad can grow grass in for Max and me! Max says that I can eat the grass if I want but I have to leave it alone until it's all done growing and I'm not sure I can do that because I like to snoopervise lots of things so maybe the Mom and the Dad should grow the grass where I can't see it. Oh, and Max says it's not the kind of grass that some people think is fun grass, it's only grass that kitties think is fun grass, he says I have to stress that cause then some hophead might want me to sell him some of my grass and even though I like sharing Max says that would get me thrown into kitty jail.

Max is trying to switch his blog to the new Blogger and it's hiccuping so
he's hoping it won't get lost in the Internets and if it does he says he gets to say any bad word he can think of.


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