The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


I came in 2nd in high jumping in the the Kitty Lympics today! I was also in the climbing event, but I got stuck partway up and didn't win anything in it. But that's ok! It was 152 kinds of fun (Max said so!) and I just liked playing with all the other kitties.

Max didn't win anything in his event, sumo wrestling, but he says that's ok. He didn't train very much. He wrestled Cheese, and he says "Cheese whizzed all over me." Hahahahaha! He just liked being with the other kitties, too, even though I bet he won't admit that.

The Kitty Lympics was so much fun I hope we do it again next year! Max says we might have to wait 4 years, but then he'll be too old for it or he might even be dead!


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