The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

We got sunspots today! And some of the windows are open so I'm running from one room to the other and feeling the breeze and then running down the stairs as loud as I can and then back up the stairs as loud as I can and then jumping on the climbing tower and pushing Max off, and then running to the windows again! Oh! And the Mom moved our climbing tower so it's right in front of the window so we can sit on it and see outside side and we can watch the woofy next door. He doesn't like us there. He can see us so he goes WOOF WOOF WOOF and doesn't stop and it really makes the Mom uh noid because she can't think with WOF WOOF WOOF all the time, but she says it's not his fault it's just how woofies are.


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