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King of the run-on sentence...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I hadded a birthday today! No one told me I was having a birthday, and then when Max said "It's your birthday!" I said "Yay!" and then "What's a birthday?" He said it's the most amazing day a kitty can have, next to Christmas. And that I was probably too little to remember how we let the Mom sleep late on her birthday. And THEN he said "You're going to get a special dinner tonight! And PRESENTS!" and then I said "YAY!" really loud.

Then the Dad gotted up to feed us and he said Happy Birthday. And then when the Mom gotted up she gave me kisses and said I was the birthday boy! And she mumbled something about how she thinks she's insane, but Max said that's ok, we already knew that about her.

Max was nice to me ALL DAY. And he was right, there was a special dinner and he got some too. It was meat that the Dad cooked outside (but it's ok, he didn't let any birdies poop on it) and shrimp. I ated it ALL and I wanted a little more shrimp but Max said No, be cool, because shrimp is like kitty crack to the Dad and he would have some later, and if we were good we'd get more and we can't be too greedy even on our birthday, plus if I had too much I'd throw up.

After dinner I got presents! I got 4 of them! The Mom and the Dad played with us for a long time, and Max played a lot, too! And he played all nice, we took turns trying to catch the flying thingy toy I gotted, and sometimes we tried to catch it together. Oh and Max said he couldn't go shopping because the Mom is hogging all his money again plus he doesn't know how to make the car go, so he said my present from him was a secret. He whispered "For a great big pain in the butt, you make a pretty good little brother and I'm mostly glad you're here." But it's a secret! As soon as I find out what a secret is, I'll tell you!

I had the best birthday ever. And there are lots of picture, just click on the one below and it will take you to a page the Mom made. She said to click on the little pictures to see the big ones, cause the little ones are all squished to load faster.

Thank you everyone for saying Happy Birthday to me! I don't comment on a lot of blogs but I read them over Max's shoulder and he says that's ok, he talks enough for two kitties. Having so many kitty friends is pretty cool, too!

Heh that's dinner!


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