The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I founded the mousie!!! The Mom and the Dad said they made him move out before we got here, but the other morning, I founded him! He wasn't what I expected, though. He was under the hot box in the kitchen so I pulled him out, and he was just laying there. I think he was sleeping. The Dad saw and said I couldn't play with him, then he gotted a bunch of paper towels and scooped him up and putted him in the trash, then took him outside. Max says mousies like trash and there was lots of food in the trash, so the mousie has plenty to eat in his new outside home.

The Mom and the Dad both say I'm a good boy for finding him. The Dad says it's really good that I found him before the Mom did.

This new place is really big and don't tell anyone, but I'm a little scared here. There's lots of noises I don't know and things that smell funny. Max says one of the smells is from a woofy! He also said not to worry because the woofy moved away. Even though I can hear a bunch of them outside, they can't come in. And there are lots of other kitties outside. We watched two of them fight this morning, and boy can they holler loud!

Max is being really nice to me and helping me and everything. When I get scared he lets me curl up on a bed with him, and he even rubbed his head against mine when I was feeling really upset. But we're not supposed to tell the Mom and the Dad about that. He doesn't want them to think he's a nice kitty.

When I'm used to all the new things here, Max is going to teach me all about singing in the stairwell! He says it's lots of fun, and even better than singing in the bathroom!


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