The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

This afternoon I chased the mom down the hall and meowed a lot and jumped and kinda danced a little bit and then meowed REALLY loud and she gave me treats! Now I know why Billy SweetFeets likes to DANCE DANCE DANCE!


YAY! anofur kitty who now knows the benefits of DANCEDANCEDANCE!!!

It's a Dance Kitteh Cult!!

We will have to try that! Maybe we can learn to dance!

Good for you for getting treats!

We love to dance...but it don't get us treats.

Good for you Buddah! I hope to learn to dance one day.

Wow that is a nice rat!

Buddah!! Good to see you back here.
We don't do facebook so we've really missed your enthusiasm and posts!
Lovely rat!

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