The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

OHMYGOSH GUESS WHAT GUESSWHAT??!? I'M FAMOUS!!!! Maybe more famous than Max because a whole buncha people emailed Max to tell him about a newsletter that talked about ME and my UNUSAL NAMe and no one has ever done that about Max because his name is like COMMON and there's nothing special about it but there's no one else named Buddah Pest, and the people who write the newsletter for know all about me or at least about my name and it's the most unusual one out there, and I know that because it says so in the box at the top of the newsletter!

I couldn't figure out how to put the newsletter in here so I got the mom to take screen shots and she split it into 3 pictures and I'm going to show you little ones that you probably can't read but you can click on them and she really bigs ones that you can read and you can see how famous I am!

Max says to enjoy it cause it only lasts 15 minutes but that's okay because for once people know about ME!!!

Thank you everyone who emaled Max and told him and some of you emailed the Mom and told her so now they know I'm not making it up! I am very excited!!!


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