The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...'s been a long time since I got to blog, but either the Mom is using the computer to make other people cry or Max is working on his book or they're both blogging and I just don't get the chance, but Max is done with his book and he's done saying bad words to the editor so I get a chance to use the computer. The Mom us still making people cry but she says she's not trying to be mean she's just "helping" them with books that they're trying to write but I don't think making people cry is being a very big help. I've been very busy too so I don't know that I would have had much time to sit down and write something because I have a very important job being the paper holder downer and Max needed me to hold his papers down while he worked plus the windows have been open a lot lately and when I get lots of fresh air bugs crawl up my butt and make me run around a lot, but it must not bad kinds of bugs even though the Mom keeps saying she's going to get a giant pair of tweezers and pull the bugs out because she hasn't done that and I think if they were bad bugs she probably would. I'm glad they aren't bad bugs because I'm thinking that might hurt a little bit.


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