The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh I think the Mom is really really really mad at me. I was looking at this tall lamp near the climbing trees and the top of it looked like a good place for a kitty to curl up in and I figured if I jumped from the climbing tree to the top window ledge I could jump down into the lamp (Max says it's a torch-ee-air lamp) and take a nap in it...but when my front paws touched it, it started to tip over and I couldn't catch it and it went BOOM and the CRASH and the fun part where a kitty could nap broke into eleventy-million pieces.

After she cleaned all those pieces up she wagged the pointy finger at me and asked "what did you think you were doing?" but I couldn't answer because the wagging pointy finger means YOU'RE IN TROUBLE and I was so sad.

Max said to just go take a nap on her bed and she'd forget about it after a while, but I'm not so sure because I think she really liked that lamp.


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