The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh! Oh! Oh! We have eggsitment going on right now! There's a little girl kitty in the rumbly bike room and Max and I can hear her because she's LOUD when she's meowing. We don't get to see her and we probably won't ever get to meet her on account of the Mom says she's somebody else's kitty we just have to figure out whose, but the Mom says she's very very pretty and very very sweet. She won't tell what her true name is but I hear the Mom calling her "Sweet Girl" and "Baby Girl" through the door. Max says that's gross but he doesn't like being called sweet anything which is probably because he knows he's not sweet at all, but I like being called sweetie and I don't mind if the Mom calls the girl kitty sweetie, too.

Max says the Mom wants to find where the girl kitty lives because when they thought I was missing it hurt her heart really bad, and she hates the idea of someone else's heart hurting really bad, too. I kind of hope she finds the girl kitty's family and part of it is really selfish cause I don't think I want another kitty in here. I like being the baby, and the girl kitty is younger than me.

So please think good thoughts of FIND GIRL KITTY'S FAMILY so that everyone is happy!


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