The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Sneaky KittySee where I am on top on the Supreme Commander Kitty Tower? And see right next to the picture that's hanging on the wall, the wall cutout place where I like to sit and watch people? I scared the Mom by jumping from the tower all the way to the wall cutout place! It's like jumping around a corner and my foor brushed the picture, but I made it and she went =GASP!!!= and now the Mom and the Dad think they need to move the picture because they know I'm going to do it again and they don't want to break the picture because the Dad made that all by himself with a needle and some stuff called floss and they don't want it broken.

Oh! And you see the Lady Rabbit there, too? It hides the sucky monster. I killed it. Now its head just flops to the side. It still hides the sucky monster, but it doesn't look happy about it.


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