The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh, you know what? Yesterday I was really really hungry even thoughy I got a whole can of Stinky Goodness for breakfast and I kept telling the Mom I needed something to eat but she kept saying "You just ate, sweetpea" and I said "I didn't eat a sweet pea, I ate Stinky Goodness!" So then I jumped onto her lap and rubbed my head on her and she picked me up and said "Your tummy is actually growling!" and I said "I know!" so she sneaked crunchy food into the bathroom and let me eat a little bit. But Max heard and he was outside the bathroom banging on the door saying "LET ME IN! I want food too!" but when I was done eating the Mom opened the door and acted like I didn't get extra food when Max didn't. She sneaked the food container back out so Max was looking at the empty bowl and wanted to know why I had my bowl in the bathroom and why was my tag pinging on it when there was no food there but then the Mom came back and picked him up and said "Sorry, Big Guy, but it's just an empty bowl" and she took him to the climbing tree and rubbed his head and made him forget he might have missed a snack in the bathroom.


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