The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I'm sorry I didn't blog in so long but I've been so busy since my birthday playing with my toys and then the Dad put up the Supreme Commander Kitty Tower and I've been playing on that with Max (even when he doesn't want to play) and then Max showed me something on Skeezix's blog and I've been using my internet time (and I don't get alot) to look for it at stores online -- I want Skeezix's stroller! Every morning when the Dad comes home from passing gas I try to get outside but he won't let me, but I think if I had one of these he and the Mom would take me for walks. I really, really want one but Max says he's not gonna give me the money and I don't get an allowance. Max says I have to write a book but that's a lot of words for a two year old to write, I think. How does a kitty get the stuff he wants when he can't get a job???


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