The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I had a very fun birthday yesterday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, that made me smile a lot. Max was nice to me and played with me a little, even when I didn't feel like playing, he just jumped on top of me and tried to wrestle!

Max wants to shareInspecting the live catnipHere ya go

More pictures here

I got lots of presents! There's a new thingy to scratch and it's really all mine on account of Max not having claws, and some toys to chase, and REAL LIVE CATNIP!!! I told Max I would share that with him because not sharing the kitty crack is just wrong. The Mom says she's going to put it in a bigger thingy so it will grow and we can have fresh nip all the time!

And for dinner the Mom let me have a whole can of the extra special Stinky Goodness Fancy Feast. Even Max got a whole can. That's ok because on his birthday I'll get to eat the special birthday dinner, too, he says that's the way it works, we all get to have it, except the People never seem to want to eat the good stuff.

Max says I'm a grownup kitty now and I didn't want to be all grown up because I want to be the little kitty but then he said that was ok, I can be grownup but I don't have to act old, I can just be myself. So later when he's not looking, I'm going to jump on him, 'cause that's what myself does.


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