The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


This is what the Grandma got me and Max for Christmas! The Dad opened the box for us and added the dirt and the seeds and the water, and he grew it!

It grew really fast, too, faster than anyone thinked it could.

I think it only took 32 sleeps, which Max says is about 3 days or so.

I like to munch on it.

Max sniffs at it but he doesn't eat it, but I like to stick my whole face in it and put the bite on thegrass thingies.

They're pretty tasty too, but the Mom says NO BARFING after eating it. I haven't barfed but Max says sooner or later I might, and to make sure I'm at the very top of the climbing tower so that it goes flying everywhere. I think I can do that.


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