The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I didn't like the new Stinky Goodness very much so I didn't eat very much of it and the Mom got all worried because she thought I'd waste away to nothing so she bought me some cans of Fancy Feast because I like those a lot but then I watched Max eat and he really likes the new Stinky Goodness so last night I ate half of mine and then jumped onto the floor and said "Wanna trade?" and Max said "Ok" so I finished his and he finished mine and that was very very good, so I tried it again this morning but the Mom said "Make up your mind, Buddah" and Max didn't want to trade, so I stomped off cause my feelings were hurt but now my tummy is all growly and I know the rest of my Stinky Goodness is downstairs with a bowl over it so I can come back to it but I don't know how to ask someone to take the bowl off!


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