The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

This morning it was a little bit cold so when the Mom sat down to read the paper I jumped up in her lap because I thought that make make me warmer, and she said "Buddah, your fur is cold!" and I thought about saying "well duh" but I didn't, I just snuggled in and got all warmed up. She said it was hard to read the paper with me on her lap but I don't usually get on her lap like that because I usually get on it and then see something fun and run off but I started to fall asleep so she put the paper down until an hour later when she said she had to get up to take some drugs and then I had to get up, but when she came back she picked me up and said "Ok, you can sit on me some more if you want" and I still wanted to so I stayed in her lap for two more hours until the Dad woke up, and even then I didn't get up, not until the Other Dad moved a chair and the noise made me jump. Sitting in her lap was nice and she's really kinda squishy so if it's cold again tomorrow I might do it again.


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