The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Last night I wanted to play mousie fetch but the Mom was getting ready for bed and said we couldn't throw the mousie in the hall because it would wake the Other Dad up like it did last week when we played mousie fetch really late at night so she throwed it around the room a little bit but that wasn't as much fun, so she said we would play in the morning when she got up, and I didn't like that but since she said she would I went to the climbing tree and took a nap on that.

This morning the Dad came home and he gave us our Stinky Goodness and he went to bed and I waited and I waited for the Mom, but she wasn't getting up, so I got my mousie and I went into the bedroom and I jumped up on the bed and I dropped it on her face and Max was all "ohhhh she's going to be mad" but when she opened her eyes she said "Hi, sweetie" and she said she didn't forget but I had to let her get dressed and then we would go downstairs to play so we didn't wake the Dad up and Max said "Cripes, someone is always sleeping" but I didn't say anything I just waited for her to get dressed, and she did, she got dressed and took my mousie downstairs, and she throwed it in the living room and I got to chase it and bring it back over and over until I was tired of playing, and then when I was tired of playing she read the newspaper and I got on the counter to see if there was anything in the sink I could lick.


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