The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

Oh! Today when the Mom and the Dad weren't home these thingies in the house that are stuck on the ceiling started going eeee-eeee-eeee-eeeee-eeeeee and they wouldn't shut up and it hurt my ears and it hurt Max's ears so he hid under a bed and I just ran around trying to figure out how to make it stop but I couldn't so I did a lot of running for nothing.

I don't know how long for sure it kept screaming eeee-eeee-eeee-eeeee-eeeeee but it seemed like forever and then the Dad came in and took the thingies off the cieling and tried to figure out why they were screaming and said he had no idea because nothing was smoking or anything like that so he blew air into them and put them back and they were quiet.

Until later when they started screaming again and he got them to stop but then they did it again and now he thinks they're broken so they won't shut up. Well, if I was broken I think I would scream too, but maybe not so loud. He says he has to call someone and tell them the cieling shriekers are broken and maybe they'll fix them. Max says take them to the stabby place, because the bald guy there fixes broken kitties, maybe he can fix broken shriekers too.


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