The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...

I went to the stabby place today! I got to go there in Max's plastic tomb, so I could see out the windows the whole way there and I could see the Mom and the Dad so I talked to them the whole way there but when we got there I didn't really know where I was so I shut up really fast. There were nice ladies in there and they bent over and peeked in the tomb and one of them said "Thank God, it's not Max..." The Mom and the Dad thought that was funny but I bet Max wouldn't.

They said I was a pretty boy and they wanted to know how munch I weighed so I got to sit on this great big thingy and they said "You're a big boy, Buddah!" and that I weigh 12 pounds which is what the Mom thought I still weighed, then I got to go inside a room with a shiny table and lots of different smells and the Mom and the Dad were in there with me and they let me explore until the bald guy came in.

He was really nice and said I was a good boy, too, and he looked in my ears and in my eyes and he petted me a lot and squeezed some things I didn't think needed to be squeezed, and I don't know why but he looked at my butt, too. Then he asked if I wanted some s-h-o-t-s but I didn't know what that was so I said "No thank you," and the Mom petted me and I felt some little pinches but they weren't bad. Then he turned me around and said he had to do one in my shoulder and I saw the thingy he had and I thought "This doesn't look good" but when he poked me with it it wasn't bad at all. The Mom said I was so good I deserved a treat when we got home and when we got home she opened a can of SPECIAL Stinky Goodness and I got most of it but Max got a little bit, too.

I get to go back in 3 weeks for a booster. I hope it tastes like chicken.


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