The Adventures Of Buddah Pest

King of the run-on sentence...


At first I was sad when we got to the new house because I was very very scared so I climbed inside the Dad's blue chair and wouldn't come out until he made me, and also because there was no new toy for us here. Last time we moved there was a new toy and I thought there would be one here, too. But after I wasn't as scared I started looking arund and I realized the whole house is a toy! The Mom and the Dad got us a giant playground!

Oh and the floors are all slidy, so when we play mousie, I run after it and I try to stop, but my butt keeps going, and it's at least 5 kinds of fun! And there are lots of windows to look out of. I haven't seen any rude cats out of one, but Max says they're there, he can smell them.

I think maybe he just smells himself.


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